Vote Tory!

I have tried, without success, to help stem the tide of the Tory-held media’s assault on the welfare state and the NHS. Simply put, the main body of people cannot be bothered to support these institutions, preferring to watch them crumble and be put into mothballs by the Tories and their LibDem quislings; the flat-screen television is the opiate of the people.

As a lifelong and enduring Socialist, I feel there is only one course of action left open to me – to vote Tory at the next election.

Because, the only thing that will mobilise the people in the long term, is to have their security and their health taken from them. Only when this is actually gone – not just threatened – will people, seeing the death, suffering and reduction in living standards that now assaults them and their families, demand a government that works with the people, and not against them. Selfishness will, in the end, come round to bite the Tory arse, and abolish it for a generation.

This is a drastic step. However, given the comatose state of the people, and – more to the point – the lack of Social conscience within the so-called Labour Party, there is little else to do.
Labour have said they will not reverse the Tory assault on the poor, the disadvantaged, the disabled; neither will they see fit to repair and support a revitalised and totally public NHS. They are the greatest blackguards of the century; they fly under a flag of convenience to promote their own desire for power and wealth. They abjectly fail any of the criteria which mark out a party as Socialist.
They fail the people; they have created the one-party state in the UK, and they have sold their people down the river for a life of privilege for themselves. Labour no longer sees the need to support the disabled, or the poor. Like their Tory and LibDem counterparts, they arrogantly parade their empty policies before the people.

Well, the Emperor has finally had his lack of clothes spotted.
I for one cannot support a lie.

So, I shall help to damn people like myself – and including myself – with a disability to suffering and possible premature death by voting Tory.

For only when all is laid waste before the altar of greed and self-serving power, will people at last move forward toward common ownership, common concern, and the common good.