What Have The Tories Ever Done For Us?

“Well, there’s the aqueduct …”

I can’t find any new aqueducts in the Tory reign. Education, sanitation, &c., were already there.
So what has the present crop of Tories done for us?

They’ve built a people that are eminently controllable. and selfish.
They’ve built a society – a Big One, I’ll grant you – that has lost its sense of accountability and decency; a society where community and solidarity in the face of adversity have all but vanished.

They’ve built a society that cares nothing for people.

A society that allows people – as this week – to turn to a Ward Sister in the NHS, and call her a ‘fucking bitch’. My wife (for it was she), as with all persons, may not be perfect sometimes, but she’s not a ‘fucking bitch’, and neither does she deserve such abuse.
The Tories have built a society of greed, intolerance and a sense of entitlement; where someone who, by working hard for the health of others, who diligently pushes herself beyond her comfort zone for others’ benefit can be abused and treated as if she were dirt on a shoe sole.

Because the Tories have created a society that has lost its coherence. a society that swallows whole – a camel, not a gnat – propaganda that would have made Goebbels blush. barely concealed, it is breathtakingly brash.

Nowhere does this show more than in the NHS.
The Tories have run down services, cut back on safety and training, starved it of funds; and, at the same time, raised the expectations of patients (and their relatives) to an impossible level, and – also at the same time – told people how nursing, ancillary and medical staff are lazy scum who care little for the needs of their charges. In deed, who, more often than not, seek to harm their patients, and make swifter their eventual demise.

It’s a society that allows people to treat NHS staff as the enemy, to be able to treat hard-working, dedicated staff as badly as they wish; to abuse them, to see them as objects of derision, suspicion and hatred.
To call a woman who, by working hours for free that she will never see back (or be paid for), who desires above all else to give the very best care, to heal and to comfort, a ‘fucking bitch’.
This is by no means an isolated incident. It happens to staff throughout the NHS day on day, week through week. It is relentless and endemic.
And it is fuelled by Tory dogma that seeks to makes huge profits for its friends from the suffering of others.

This is what the Tories have done for us.