Performance poetry. All my own work. Including the depression.

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The chickens are making a disturbed noise next door. And we have seagulls in the sky. How
strange a juxtaposition
that cannot be denied
I’m going long on this one for my head
In bows and curls is running faster than my
Other head the one that thinks
I’m guessing that you’ve reached the brink
And ready to withdraw but wait
A single thread of sanity is starting now to form
I’ll try to catch it sideways, and smile,
I’ll mourn later when you can’t see
And make up swiftly taken off
And looking making sure that I’m alone
The tear can come
The natural frown can come and darkly, quietly
Take me down
Down DownDown

And the bell can begin its mournful cough
And hell long fought can enter me anew

Chip Paper

Sometimes, when everyone has gone home, it seems like the protest is diminished, washed away by the dark.

Yet, far from being tomorrow’s chip paper, it can light a candle that shall not be consumed.

My poem, Chip Paper, read by me.

©2012 R Wright Unauthorised Use Prhohibited. Please write for distribution authorisation. Thanks.👍