Hymn To ATOS

It took a gentle Jesus for to save my wayward soul
But it only took an ATOS form to say that I was whole;
The ATOSsers and my Jesus are alike as chalk and cheese,
But both of them will have you quickly sinking to your knees;
Oh yes ATOS and Jesus are alike as cheese and chalk – 
But both of them, I found, will say ‘take up your bed and walk’!

2 comments on “Hymn To ATOS

  1. What a brilliant little rhyme, it’s just such a shame that it’s true

    • vetican2 says:

      Thanks for you comment, Mrs.T!
      I wrote it at a time when I was extremely peeved. As you can probably tell.
      The ramifications of ATOS are just starting to sink in. Taking steps now to try and protect our home.

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